Wednesday, June 22, 2005

News: Loveless Episode 10

In case you haven't heard, episode 10 of Loveless is now out and subbed.

If you haven't been watching this series, definitely check it out! It's simply amazing. You can find more information on the series at We Suck's blog:

Here's a synposis of the series from Anime News Network:

Twelve-year old Aoyagi Ritsuka lost his only kin when his brother, Aoyagi Seimei, was killed under mysterious circumstances. One day, he meets Wagatsuma Soubi, who claims to know his brother. It turns out that Soubi and Seimei used to be a fighting pair, whereby Soubi was the "Fighting Machine" and Seimei was the "Sacrifice". Now that Seimei is gone, Soubi 'belongs' to Ritsuka who will become his new "Sacrifice". After learning that Seimei was killed by an organisation known as the "Seventh Moon", Ritsuka decides to join forces with Soubi and investigate the truth behind his brother's death.

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